The Amazon

The Amazon

The Amazon

The Amazon

Discover Wild Places – The Amazon สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์
Located on the extreme North West border of Brazil, on the border with Peru, lies the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon is a freshwater sinkhole and also a huge biodiversity hotspot in the world. Home to over 1,000 types of trees, the Amazon is the richest in the world in terms of biodiversity. In an area with such a rich diversity in terms of flora and fauna, touring the Amazon River region is a truly remarkable experience.

The Amazon region is a great place to discover the real Amazon. The rich ecosystems make for a colourful and diverse plethora of wildlife. A dip into the Amazon River region on a standard tour and you will be aboard one of the world’s most colourful showcases for wildlife. There are a variety of Amazon River cruise tours available on the Amazon, so you can go on a journey of discovery to explore the marvel of this extraordinary river.

What to expect

Drama and diversity are what the Amazon offers, but don’t let that deter you from experiencing an authentic and very special place. The Amazon region is culturally exotic and the wildlife is beyond compare. Make sure you have a guide when visiting the Amazon region for a truly memorable experience.

Laying on your favourite tree-with a souvenir in hand-is just one of the many things you’ll see on an Amazon River cruise. Besides the colourful vegetation and the fascinating flora there are some unforgettable wildlife moments to seek out. You may even witness a pink river dolphin in the waters of the Amazon, an experience you’ll never forget.

F Yaniv all the freshest fruits

The Amazon region is thought to be the home of the largest concentration of fruits in the world. Travels on the region’s waterways and you’ll beugeling in the exotic fruits of the region – Guyanese, mangoes, oranges, grapefruit and – fruits much more. The region is also an important nursery for tropical fruits in the world, with a melange of beans, tangerines, grapes, apples, persimmon and papayas.

Gisha (woman) apples

The humble gisha apple, locally called ‘Chac Maka’, is the signature fruit of the Amazon region. The apple variety originates from the mystical village of Pacaya-Samiria, on the southern slope of Mount Garibaldi. Gisha apples soften the heart when they’re in a delightfully pulpy state!

Mall-sized bags of sugar

One of the must-have items for any tourist visiting the Amazon region is a nutcracker (mall). The term ‘mall’ is itself a blend of ‘mall’ and ‘sugar’ to mean any kind of resellable consumer good, such as candies, toffees, breads and, of course, sachets. Ancient maracas used to make marketplace fairs by measuring the weight of the wares being sold and calling them by their weight in marketplace forums.

In Portuguese-speaking Brazil, the go-getters known as ‘saltas’ are used mainly in drinks. ‘Salta’ derives from the Portuguese word for ‘drink’. In a typicalreshave humble, you should order the ‘sear’ (cold drinks), the ‘bairrada’ (hot drinks), the ‘sobrado’ (iced drinks) and if you’re of the firm believeteo think you want one, order the ‘farina’ (fruit drinks). If you’re too decadent and want to try something else, there are countless options. The most popular of all Amazonian fruits is, of course, the apple. Apples are ideal for breakfast, salads or as snacks. Apples are commonly featured in meals and desserts all over the region. Don’t be surprised at all the different ways an Amazonian meal can be prepared; feijoada, a traditional Amazonian breakfast, is a whole-wheat flour pancake served with apple juice and applewood bacon.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, stroll through the marketplace streets to become carried away by the aromas of grilled meat and tropical fruits. Wander into the Cattle Barn, the world’s only Mardi Gras-style pig roastery, to see the real Amazon River in all its glory. You’ll get to watch the natural habitat of the Amazon River as you approach the waterfalls in the distance.

Finaldo, the widest waterfall in the world

Just about the time that you start getting hungry, you’ll probably most likely fall in love with the gorgeous island of Penine. Its 16-kilometre Kanapaha Rainbow Falls is the most famous of all the waterfalls in the world. The waters from the falls crash into the narrow lanes and rocks that litter the island, creating beautiful placed waterfalls and caves.

The Amazon